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Brief Biography of Gurudev Shri Arun Kumar Sharma

It is hard to believe that a lean, tall, fair and very simple person living in a small house in a narrow street of Varanasi is author of hundreds of self experienced articles and more than 20 extremely rich books on Indian yoga and tantra, holds 5 MA (Master of Arts) with distinction, has been a faculty in Banaras Hindu University, Colombo University, Burma University, has received many awards in the field of literature of yoga and tantra, has been Assistant Director of Archeological Department of India, has travelled innumerable mystic and difficult places in and out India including Tibet and Himalayan region in search of the "Truth of Life" and "what is life" and even now (Dec 22, 2010) at the age of 87 he is writing his experiences in the books just to give his knowledge to others as much as possible.

Born on Jan 1st 1924 in Varanasi in a brahamin family Pandit Arun Kumar Sharma was set for highly spiritual knowledge since beginning because of very pious family environment.

He finished his first MA (Master of Arts) in Sanskrit from BHU. After that he worked for Dr. Rajendra Prasad (first president of India) as a proof reader for the book on bauddha darshan. Then he himself got other 4 MA in para-psychology, Bauddh-Darshan, archeology and literature each with distinction. Later he served as faculty member in BHU (Banaras Hindu University). Being interested in spirituality he used to roam around ghats of Ganga. While watching cremation he used to think, "Does life ends at cremation?" What is "reality of life"? All that made him travelling whole India and very difficult places in Himalaya, Tibet, Egypt in search of yogis with mystic power and super knowledge. He met countless such yogis and experienced himself with reality of soul, cosmic body, astral body and metaphysical world.

He met Paramhans Swami Vishuddhanada (Gandha baba or perfume saint) of kashi and then his direct disciple M. M. Pandit Gopinath Kaviraaj. He became an acclaimed student of Pandit Gopinath Kaviraj. He got married with "Kiran". He got 5 sons and 1 daughter.

By this time, Guruji devoted himself fully to "mother - Goddess Maha Kali" and left the job and used to remain in "samadhi" most of time. He came in contact with many souls from higher worlds who guided him on his path by teaching him and making his contact with other highly spiritually advanced saints. He got a chance to visit the mystic places like Shangri-la Valley, Gyanganj of Tibet which have existence in metaphysical world.

He spent around 3 years in Tibet where he witnessed such miracles which are beyond the imagination of normal human being. He started writing his experiences and knowledge in the form of articles and books and from 1949 he is writing without a break. He says that he has not written any imaginary stories for getting publicity or money. I myself have read his 16 books by now and found every books itself is a masterpiece and every single line of his books are great imprint on the path of spirituality. Not only that, how one should think, act and live to be happy and make others the same, is also found in his books.

He was very simple and humble and far from any kind of show. He lived in solitude and far from any kind of show/publicity. He did not allow me to write any kind of ornamental degrees with his name on the website. He never wanted anyone publicize his name. Still people used to visit him either for their personal problems or just for some blessing chat. He was very kind hearted, determined, very practical and simple to approach. He was full of so much love for all. When I visited him with my family in May-2011 he took my two kids in his lap and loved them too much - the scene I can never forget.

29 June 2011 was the day when he decided to leave this materialistic world and start onward journey of soul. For quite some time he used to say to his loved ones that he wanted to move on to next journey. But every one used to take it lightly simply because of Guru Ji's humourous nature. On his last day, Guru Ji mentioned, "Guru Paduka will be worshiped on upcoming Guru Purnima (15-July)". He never mentioned any kind of wish. He always used to teach us about "Nishkaam Karm" and indeed he was a true "Nishkaam Karm Yogee". It was a silent journey of A GREAT YOGI, MAHA PANDIT, YOGTANTRACHAARYA, GREAT AUTHOR, GREAT PHILOSOPHER, GREAT TRAVELLER and yet a VERY SIMPLE, KIND, HUMBLE and CHILDLIKE HUMAN BEING.

He always used to say, "There are two most important things in this world - 'Body' and 'The Time' you have got". We always regret when we loss these two. I always wanted to live in Kashi staying close to Guru Ji but always deferred it to future. Now there is nothing, but a kind of void which will be filled with Guru Ji's immortal memories. Guru Ji, please guide all of us!!!!

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